In 2003: The company was established in the national Yixing Economic and Technological Development Zone

In 2004: Production line of 7,000 tons of environmental plasticizer citric acid ester series products put into production

In 2006: Production of 8000 tons of LMFLEX® LM12 plasticizer

In 2006: Production line of 12,000 tons of environmentally friendly plasticizer citric ester product line put into production

In 2010: Production of LMFLEX® LM11, an annual production capacity of 18,000 tons of environmental plasticizer

In 2014: Completion of Merger and Reorganization of Jiangsu Kanghe Textile Co., Ltd.

In 2017: Production of LMFLEX® LM12, the first continuous 30,000 tons/year environmental plasticizer in China

In 2017: The world's largest production line of 50,000 tons/year environmental plasticizer citric acid ester series is put into production

In 2017: Established Jiangsu New Environmental Protection Plasticizer Catalytic Engineering Laboratory